Spoonful of Kindness

30 minutes on the clock before your birthday officially passes, 30 minutes worth of attempts to capture your essence in written words yet all I can think about is food, but, not just any food; I am talking about the plate of food you put aside for me every time you realize that I am not there to get my own. I am talking about the food you insisted on sharing with me for me to experience the same delight as you did. I am talking about the food of kindness that you never failed to serve me every single chance you get.

I am full – full from the spoonfuls of kindness you feed me when you see my hunger, my need. And for this, for your life, for your smile, for your heart, for your very existence, I am eternally grateful to our one True God.

Marjorie Dumlao Mendoza – Silver Sands State Park, CT 

“Ate” Marjorie, may you continue to be a symbol of genuine beauty.

Your kindness, grit, strength, zeal, faith, passion and grace serve as a standard to which we as women of God, should stand in this world filled with pain and lies.

Thank you for being the only Marjorie one could ever need.

Happy Birthday.

I love you.




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