I don’t believe in Mother’s Day.

Yes, you read that right. I don’t believe in Mother’s day but before you cross your arms and raise your eyebrows hear me out.

I don’t believe in Mother’s Day because I find it ridiculous that a handful of us will only communicate with our mothers at this time of the year.

We are under different circumstances. Maybe some of us are just really “busy” to give mom a call, alright. Tell me this, keeping in mind the frequency of your talks with your mom, visits, can you easily say that when the day comes that your mom is no longer in this world you have no regrets?

I don’t believe in Mother’s Day because the words, “I love you, Mom” will only be heard from our mouths and into our mothers’ hearts on this day when it should have been uttered many times before.

Maybe you’re just not expressive of your love through words. But I know for certain that any mom loves to hear those words. If it still doesn’t work, try action.

I don’t believe in Mother’s Day because a lot of us have used it as an excuse to not treat our mothers the way a true queen should be treated any other days of the year because, well, “I did something nice for her on Mother’s Day”.

There are 365 days in a year. Do you think it’s fair that we only treat our mother in a special way once a year? Maybe it’s just me but I know that I have my shortcomings and I am not proud of it. My mother deserves so much more than a day and I really aim to cherish her every day of the year in all shapes and forms.

I don’t believe in Mother’s Day because the gesture of honoring our mothers in just one day is an insult in comparison to the everyday that mothers celebrate “Children’s Day”, “Husband’s Day”, “Family Day”, they celebrate us – everyday. 

Ugh. This pierced me like a wooden stake through Dracula’s heart. We boast of our recognition and different ways to please our mom’s on this day but they celebrate us daily. Everyday, mothers’ put their children, husbands, families first before themselves. Everyday, they love and cherish their loved ones and makes sure that they feel it one way or the other. One day v. Everyday. Million points goes to mothers.

I don’t believe in Mother’s Day because I think it should be, “Mother’s Year”, celebrated yearly.

Mothers are precious. They are humans and they are not perfect but they give all they have  for the people they love. Let’s try to make them feel how valuable they are every single day of the week and not just on Mother’s day.

I love you mom, always, not only on Mother’s day.



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  1. Capt Edgardo C Dumlao May 11, 2016 — 9:18 am

    Wow. Every words, every statements really touched my heart and stirred my emotions. But Rom truly neither I Believed in Father’s Day.


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