A Portion of Forever

My dad is the equivalent of reason and my mom of reaction. Even though their fights are often unrecognizable for teasing or war, one thing is for sure, they always resolve it in the cutest way possible. I remember my dad walking me through making amends with my mom because he knows her better than anyone else. I adore them in many ways but one. However, the way they handle conflict speaks a lot about them. They never let their pride draw a crack on their relationship, instead, they let honesty reign.

Don’t get me wrong, they’re not always fighting. I only chose to write about it because I believe that the strength of their relationship can be seen most in times of stress. They spread joy and laughter on anyone they come across with and it is something that they identify with but even behind the curtain, when it is only the two of them, their love for each other overcomes any trouble. Couples have recognized my parents to be their role model when it comes to relationship and the deeper I look into my parents the more I see the truth in their claim. 

“I fall deeper in love with her everyday”, my dad once said on a couples gathering at our church when asked to give a message for my mom. I am still mind blown of how I never knew this side of my dad existed. My parents’ relationship is the true balance of heart and mind. I am more than grateful to know that my parents’ themselves showed me how relationships should be.
Thank you for becoming the role models I need to succeed in life.

Thank you for continually showing me the love you have for each other. 

Thank you for loving each other. 

Thank you for breaking movie clichés and lies of how relationships should be like. Thank you for showing me that despite what society says, marriage is one of the most rewarding and exemplary experience one could experience. 

Thank you for bringing me up into this world. 

Thank you for raising me as someone who stands out in a crowd and does not go through the motion. 

Thank you for your genes that made me a superhuman. 

Thank you for living a life that houses the presence of our God. 

25 years have now been fulfilled in its full potential. Now, let’s get to 50 with flying colors. 

My love to both of you, always and forever.

Happy 25th Wedding Anniversary.



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  1. Happy Silver Wedding Anniversary Uncle & Auntie! Cheers and looking forward to your Golden years of happy ever after…xoxo

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