Enlightening Darkness

I turned off the lamp beside my bed and I knew.
Something inside me snapped, the thought of being in the dark was no longer terrifying, rather, it was comforting.
Comfort me until the morning comes.
Soothe me with your nothingness.
Wrap me in the peace of your darkness and wake me up when the sun rises.
Another click.
A switch went off inside my heart and the pain once felt vanished like a shadow in the dark.
What now?
Should I turn it back on or wander behind the velvet curtains of midnight darkness?
I shivered, the coldness wrapped me as I run after warmth. The warmth we once had.
No, I didn’t give up. But I thought you did.
I woke, crawled across the cold hard floor feeling every inch waiting to feel something familiar, a round cold metal.
Unwrapped from the velvet curtains, I crawled from the windows of my past to the bed of my present.
The sound of my hand slapping against the floor ringing in my head, the cold hard things my palm pressed against, old things tainted with memories and the dusts brought by the journey, I finally found it.
I turned the lamp back on and all became clear again.
I decide whether or not I stay in the dark, and tonight I chose light.

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