Scroll down.

Do you feel that? 

That emptiness in your gut which, from time to time, goes away but it comes running right back. The uncertainty, the confusion – it’s overwhelming.  

That emptiness in your gut cannot be filled by Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest or any other tricks that the internet is spoon-feeding you with (especially not Netflix!) – but you know that. 

You know that all these things are not satisfying your hunger, your desires, your needs, not even your wants. 

You’re like a baby crying for milk but gets a pacifier instead. 

It pacifies not satisfies. 

It numbs you. 

The countless moments of scrolling down simply numbs you. 

Free yourself. You do not need to listen to that. You do not need to watch that. Is it really funny that he just shamed his mother for fame? That he invaded those people’s privacy for a couple of laughs?

You laugh. 

You tear up. 

You share it. 

Ha! You just fed it. Now it’s hungrier than ever. I’m not only talking about your hunger, but also the hunger of those to whom you show your support by liking, sharing, laughing, posting or even by just giving them the “time of day”. 

You fed them, they feed you. 

You are feeding you.

Tell me.

What’s in your News Feed?


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